Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Do I have to pay anything for this AcciClaim service?
A:No. AcciClaim is a free patient advocacy service sponsored 100% by your healthcare provider. The goal of AcciClaim, in partnership with your hospital, is to help you find all available insurance companies that may have responsibility to pay for your bills. There is no cost to you for this valuable service.
Q:Why do you need to know all the details from my accident?
A:Knowing the details of your accident helps the AcciClaim team identify new sources of insurance to help pay for your medical bills from the accident. We will ask you specific questions depending upon whether you experienced a Motor Vehicle Accident or Workers’ Compensation Injury.
Q:Why do you need my Auto insurance information if someone else is at fault for the accident?
A:You may have No-Fault protection under your Auto insurance policy called either Med-Pay or Personal Injury Protection (PIP). This No-Fault protection is intended to help pay for your medical bills resulting from accidents, is primary to your Health insurance (in most cases), and may lower or eliminate your out-of-pocket expenses. While another party may be responsible for your accident, it can take months and sometimes years to settle your liability claim with the At-Fault Auto insurance carrier.
Q:What if I do not have No-Fault coverage under my Auto insurance policy?
A:AcciClaim works to find all available insurances that can help pay for your hospital bills from the accident. These include Workers’ Compensation, Health insurance and Liability insurance (from the At-Fault party’s Auto insurance).
Q:Can I send you a copy of my police report from the motor vehicle accident?
A:Yes. Please fax a copy of the police report to (615) 963-3849 or mail to:

AcciClaim Patient Advocacy Services
c/o Revecore
6840 Carothers Parkway Suite 150
Franklin, TN 37067

Q:Should I hire an attorney to help me with my accident?
A:AcciClaim is a free patient advocacy service sponsored by your hospital that (i) identifies all available insurance payment sources for you and (ii) simplifies the coordination and processing of your bills related to your accident. We cannot give guidance on whether or not to hire an attorney. If you choose to hire an attorney, we will be happy to work closely with her or him to help resolve your medical bills.
Q:How can I get a copy of my bill from the hospital?
A:Please contact an AcciClaim representative at 1-855-803-3538 to obtain billing information related to your accident.
Q:I received a letter stating that a lien was filed by the hospital that provided treatment following my accident. Is this lien against my personal property?
A:No, neither your personal nor real property is affected. Any lien filed by AcciClaim on behalf of your hospital attaches only to the future liability settlement that will be paid by the At-Fault party’s Auto insurance carrier. This lien will in no way affect your personal credit rating or attach to any of your personal or real property.